• Looking Ahead Toward the End
    as a part of your estate goals
Avoid the sudden burden on family by planning it yourself


Funeral Planning Eliminates a Great Burden

It may not be on your high-priority list, but planning your own funeral is extremely important. By taking the time now to plan for your own funeral arrangements, you can ensure that your memorial will match your preferences. Making arrangements also helps your loved ones. You can relieve them of the burden of making countless decisions while dealing with their own grieving about your passing. Planning ahead also allows you to make financial arrangements.

How Should Your Remains Be Handled?

One of the first decisions to make is how you want your loved ones to take care of your remains. Do you want to be buried in a traditional casket and placed at a nearby cemetery? Would you prefer to have your body placed in a mausoleum? Even if you want to be cremated, you still have to decide what you would like to happen to your ashes. There are also unconventional options to memorialize the deceased.

Choosing a Cemetery and Grave Marker

There are several important considerations for picking a cemetery, including location, religious elements, and visiting rules. The grave marker for your resting place is another essential decision. It should be meaningful to you and your surviving loved ones. When you plan ahead for your funeral, you can choose the perfect headstone or marker and ensure the engraving will say exactly what you want.

Clarify Personal Preferences for Memorial Service

Planning ahead gives you the chance to ensure your memorial service will honor your preferences and be meaningful to your loved ones. Perhaps you want a traditional funeral. If you are a veteran, you may want a service with military honors. You may choose a "celebration of life" ceremony instead. Make sure to indicate your wishes to your family members and document it in a written record.

Consider Paying in Advance

Taking care of the financial aspect of your funeral arrangements can be a wonderful gift to give to your family. It can ensure your family members don't have financial stress added to their grief. In most cases, the best way to cover the cost of your funeral is to place money in a trust fund. You can designate a person to access it when the time comes.